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The Old " Class Popularity" Question

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Alright. So, I haven't played B&S in a while. I am pretty much unable to play my KFM because I forgot all the combos and my brain stops working after the first hit. I'm interested in starting a new class but I like playing the less common classes; That's where you guys/gals come in. Doesn't matter which server you play on. What class do you see the least of and which class do you see the most of? I'm thinking of starting a FM but I would like to know the popularity of classes first. Thanks.

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Most played are likely

  • Gunslinger
  • Blade Dancer
  • Force Master
  • Destroyers (if you go by PvP played that is)


You'll see some of these around

  • Kung Fu Master
  • Blade Master
  • Assassin
  • Warlock
  • Destroyers (if you go by PvE played that is)


Rarer ones are likely the only two that heal

  • Soul Fighter (being rarest I've noticed in F8 groups)
  • Summoner (not rare, but at times you'll see a lot in parties. However, they are rarer than the other 2 sets of bullets)


NOTE: Just because of these sets of bullets of mine are that way, but that doesn't mean that just because you see them being played that they are mastered. Example, Summoner is very easy to play, but as hard as Assassin and Kung Fu Master to master, especially seed shroud timing when a half a second difference can mean a successful party seed shroud versus a failed to cast seed shroud on the last boss of EC. 



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Added Destroyers as their kinda rare but more played than soulfighters, and way more played in PvP than PvE.
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15 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

Wait till the kr patch hits, then some gunners will simply vanish and more other classes will show.

Further down the line, anything lyn related is most common.

Vanish as in noone can see them because everyone changes to lyn gunner.  :'D

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I'd say the numbers are kinda equal, but the ones I can see little less are SF and KFM. KFM is hard to master, so there isn't actually many of them. If you already played some KFM and wanted to try out FM (which is very popular), try SF: he's like a combination of both KFM and FM, and often needed for raiding groups :D

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For the most part, the lesser classes you'll see are Destroyer and Soul Fighter... although Kung Fu Masters can be a tad rare-ish too. The reason why is pretty much as follows:



Until you get substantial gear (around your Skybreak Spire SS), Destroyers are not especially powerful. Sure, they have some handy tricks, but not much that other classes can provide. People will play Destroyer, but it's not quite for the min-maxing, damage-obsessed players... unless you put a lot of effort into them, that is.


Soul Fighter:

Simply put... they're an expensive class. You pretty much need your Soul Badge and, most importantly, your Right Punch Hongmoon Skill in order to be effective. Otherwise, you burn your focus like crazy. With those skills, things are a lot better as you can almost hold down RMB and occasionally tap F and 2, but until then, you're kind of stuck. Worse yet, the RMB skill requires a Chilling Flame Elixir, so unless you're PvPing all the time and want to send one over when your SF reaches lv 50, you're looking at spending a good chunk of change on an Asura Ember and running a LOT of Cold Storage in order to get the PvE requirements for the elixir. And then there's the Hongmoon skills for your healing abilities, otherwise you're only healing 10% of your party's health, which is next to nothing.


So... yeah. That's the long and short of it.

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@SilverFoxR Add to that KFM and BM being tanks usually need to be well geared too, just like Destroyers to truly shine. Some KFMs can't hold aggro at 1k AP versus a 1.1k or even a 1.2k AP player. And still yet, you have a lot of bad players playing BM and KFM too. 


Also, as long as the person hasn't brought 2 duelist packs, then he can get many of those pugilist and other pvp tokens to cover just 1 character with HM skills. Wish they get rid of the limit on number of Duelist packs that one can purchase, but oh well.

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