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HM skill with Special elixirs

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Hi guys i am new in the game. I made summoner but is impossible to play without the HM skill Rosethorn for focus recovery.

There are some Elixirs i need to drink to unlock the skill. I cant find the elixirs nowhere in the game (except Achievement Manager). The only think i manage to find is the Hongmoon pellet.

i am with 765 Achievement points and maybe i will need like 2-3 months to collect the 1300 points and buy the elixirs from achievement manager. Help me pls.

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You can purchase all of the ingredients you need for the hongmoon skill apart from the hongmoon pellet from the npc in celestial basin with peaches. Or you could farm the mobs that drop the items but it would probably take much longer than farming the peaches.


Here's a link on where to farm the mobs that drop the ingredients;


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