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Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

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Yo if we're legit getting Lyn Gunslinger I'm checking it out. I wanted to main something on the Lyn race (Too attach to adorb things.) Issue was I wanted to try Gunslinger, but no access to it made me choose Warlock instead.

I'ma make the best Gunslinging Lyn anyone's ever seen.

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1 hour ago, Hegaton said:

more gunslingers around, thats all :) also, GS was nerfed in Korea? Nodah continue doing million+ dps...


Nerf in 6v6 where you cannot bullet storm the whole team anymore. You can still take down up to three targets, but requires luck and skill to do that. However, it makes no difference for whale gunners, cuz they can run PvP Tombstone and their parry/defense Unload is still strong enough to rekt you.


Nerf in PvE where they have less burst with Bullet Storm but more sustainable DPS with Unload. So they are still one of the strongest DPS classes with proper build.

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