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Login Rewards bugged, unable to retrieve.

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The answer I got from support about this made very little sense. I see a lot of complaints about the bug, very few answers in common when we compare what support has told us.


A clan mate said that she could access her rewards about four hours before reset each day, regardless of how long she had been online. So maybe wait a few hours and try again. When you are able to claim them, note the time and try again the next day around the same time if you have the same problem. Worked for me, too, just at a different time. GL!

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On 12/21/2017 at 11:26 AM, henrpe said:


14 hours ago, No Response said:

the collect time reset at 10pm PST, once it reach 10pm, you can receive everything.

that is how it is supposed to work but it is bugged and sometimes it does not reset.

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Mine are still bugged every day since day 2 but i can always get them eventually, start trying a couple of hours before reset at 10 EST and make sure you don't use pingzapper/mouse/keyboard software when you go to retrieve them.


I wonder if the bug happens more often to people who live in different timezones but my housemate has only had the issue once while i have it every day so who knows.

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