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Weapon appearance - a suggestion

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The current weapon showroom only allows to store Illusion weapon skins, which are mostly event or F10 weapon skins. There are some rare cases that they come from raid or dungeons, too.


There are a lot of weapons that have good appearance, but are not ones that can be stored in F10. They are mainly weapon for upgrade dropped from dungeons like Yeti weapon, Scorpio Weapon... or from old content wheels of fate, like Jiangshi weapon, Golden Deva weapons... For weapon collectors, they do want to have all weapons in the game, not just ones that look good. But their dream is short-lived cuz doing so will filled the first tab of their vault to brim.


Thus, I think it is better have showroom for weapons expanded further more to be available to all weapons. Maybe for only dungeon-drop weapons, at least.

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