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Why no Christmas decorations this year?

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As the title suggests, last year we had a Christmas theme in both Zaiwei and Jadestone of Christmas, decorations and snow effects and such, I would like to know why that wasnt bought back for this year? We have a Trove over Christmas but not Christmas theme for the game... This seems like a sad confusion of priorities to me, other games have their Christmas themes and have their GM's in game celebrating Christmas with the players, but here in BnS what do we have? a Whale-a-thon event and Zero presence in game from the NC West team or any real kind of Christmas cheer. even BnS China manages to spread the holiday spirit.


see example


As someone who cares about the future of this game, its very sad to see how little interaction the NC West eam has with its community on a day to day basis, and its even more sad to see that the priority at Christmas time was a cash-grab rather than some festive fun for all to enjoy.

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Wow didnt even think about it lol you are so right where the heck is Christmass ingame??

And if someone has a problem with the best holiday of the year that speaks to the spirit of giving and love and happiness idk what to say...


Also is there nothing happening for new years eve?

I have seen games doing ingame fireworks countdowns and funny/cute things like that (personally would not spend new years eve ingame but it would be great seeing things like these).

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I think its a very sad state of affairs when you really see how little the GM's and dev team interacts with its community. The occasional stream is not enough, and the GM's have no tangible presence in game at all. We get "events" back to back encouraging us to pay, pay, pay but virtually zero interaction from the NC West staff. Something that I would personally love to see is in game activities hosted by members of the staff, with rewards for participating. We need to see that the team is as passionate about this game as we, the players, are. Putting out cash grabbing events constantly and having no presence in game does not show passion for the game. I know that I am not alone in thinking that the NC West staff could be doing a better job of interacting with their community, and I think that day to day presence in game, playing together with the community, hosting activities and answering questions is an excellent way to show that they care about more than just the number after the $ sign. It would be great to get some feedback from the Community Manager or someone from the NC West team about this

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