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Anyone having issues at the end of ACT IV?

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At the moment, I am in ACT IV, Evil Never Rests, where I fight alongside Dochun and a guard in Lumang's dungeon. I get past the first two doors fine when I hit them and they break, but as soon as I enter the room where I save Dochun, I cannot interact with the third door, even if I've killed all enemies, and the yellow quest arrow is right at the next room I can't get to. Dochun just stands idle in the middle of the room, and I can't talk to him either. The rest of the rooms are empty, save for the first one that are a bunch of non-interactive NPCs fighting each other. This is the first time it's ever happened to me, despite completing the story a few times with other characters.


Is anyone else having this, or a similar issue? And is there anyway to fix it? I'd be happy if anyone knows anything! Thanks.

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Hey, well i did. And i found one silly solution. I tried diffrent things but the only thing that worked was that i walked in slowly toward Dochun while he was fighting, I did not attack anyone in that room. As i got close he killed off those he fought and new ones spawned in. So walk in slowly and dont attack.

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