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2018 Battle Brawl FAQ

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Q: I'm in an area not considered "North America" or "Europe". Can I still register?

  • If you reside in Australia, New Zealand, or any South American countries, you can register in a North American team. If you reside in the Middle East or in Africa, you can register in a European team.
  • If you reside in Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, or any South East Asian territories, you cannot register for any western teams. Please check the B&S publisher for your region on how to participate in your home territory's competitions.


Q: What is a representative character?

  • A representative character is a character that is currently on your account that will be used to represent you. Consider your representative character name as your "gamertag"


Q: Can I change my representative character?

  • Currently you cannot change your representative characer name. Please work with your Team Captain to ensure that character used for submitting the team nomination is the one you want to be known as!


Q: Do Fighting Points get earned only on my  representative character?

  • No. Fighting Points are earned on your highest ranked character on your account for each of the 1v1 and 3v3 ladders.


Q: How do I register a substitute?

  • We are not registering substitutes for this Battle Brawl. However, if your team requires a substitution at any stage during the qualification period, please email ncwbnsesports@ncsoft.com to start the process.


Q: Why has my team disbanded?

  • There are a number of reasons a team disbands. First, a Team Captain may have chosen to disband the team. Second, both nominated players declined to be a part of the team before new nominations were submitted. Third: nominated players did not respond withn 48 hours of being nominated.


Q: Can I leave the team after the Registration Period has ended?

  • No, team compositions are confirmed at the end of the Registration Period.


Q: I joined a team and it became registered, but I want to join a different team. Can I leave my registered team?

  • Yes, provided it is during the Registration Period.


Q: Our team got registered but then one of the team members left. Can we still participate?

  • Yes, provided you find a replacement team member quickly! Any registered teams with fewer than 3 people  are disqualified automatically when the registration period ends.


Q: Will NCSOFT cover the cost of travel to the Battle Brawl?

  • NCSOFT will cover the travel costs for any teams that have qualified for the Battle Brawl. Players are still responsible for arranging their own travel documents, like passports and visas.


Q: What is the minimum age to participate?

  • You must be 18 years or older at the time of Team Registration.


Q: I want to register my own team, but I keep getting directed to all the teams I've been nominated for.

  • You must decline all the nominations you have outstanding first before making a team.


Q: Who can I nominate to be on my team?

  • You can only nominate accounts that are on your in-game friends list.
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