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Need help with choosing a 2nd class

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Hey guys


Just to clarify: I'm not an experienced player, just sort of a newbie :/ , my first character is a gunner but I want to make a 2nd character. However I have difficulties in making a choice between the Summoner or the Warlock. My question is which of these 2 classes are better overall. I know there isn't something like a best class but i would like to know what would be better end game, like which class would be best for going for dungeons and what would be good in pve and pvp. Because I'm a newbie, I don't want to have a class that is too difficult to master.


I always had a bit more interest for the Warlock because the animations and skills look so cool. The damage is nice aswell. For the summoners it's just that i like the way how it's sort of like 2 people fighting the opponent. I now that people say that Summoner is easy but I also want to know how it is for the warlock.  I just want to take a class that isn't too hard and whereby the damage is nice aswell :)

Thank you :)


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he does have a point ^^


personally I love the sum and was not thrilled by wl, but that is just me. 

The sum is definitly easier to play, as the "rotation" if you want to call it that way is rather simple.So there is no problem in picking it up anywhere. Wl-friends however told me, when you get interrupted your dmg loss is defninitly significant as you have to start all over again with your rotation (plus the wl actually has a rotation he should follow, while the summoner keeps debuffs on the boss present to do more damage/keeps his f up).


dmg wise the wl does more dmg than the sum. The sum catches up with full vt gear I was told (not to wl specifically, but overall), so that takes a while and especially when you are playing gunner, the top dps class, the dmg is lower. 

wl are always wanted in parties because of sb. I never saw someone searching for sum in f8... altough with the heal and the cat ressing people, i really like the sum in the new dungeons where i tend to pick up people constantly. 


Also as a note, while you are "2v1" with the cat, which is really nice in open world, as you are not even getting touched by mobs, in groups you don't really notice it. As example, when you test sum, send the cat to a mob your lvl and watch. When you get back from getting your coffe, you might as well kill the mob yourself ;) so the cat is mostly utility, and while it is nice to have a "tank" when there is none in the party, it is not a feeling of 2v1 ;) I would really suggest testing that yourself, as you might me suprised what it feels like playing sum.


as for pvp (which i hardly do), sum is easier. While you are in the "press all buttons and see what happens" state, you get away with the sum better. But I think at gold people start to actually think about what they are doing, and then the sum gets hard, as it is an easy class, which means learning it really well is less rewarding (although a platin sum will still kick your ass if you are lower, as he has more knowledge of the game as a whole). WL is top tier in pvp as far as i know, gets played in turnaments and stuff, but pressing all buttons randomly won't help ;)


So it really comes down to preference..

sum is easy to play and more utility(plenty cc, heal, ress), wl is harder, also utility but with more dmg (at least in the beginning).

if you want an easy class with high dmg, you are fine with gunner ;)

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Fast leveling classes:


* Sum (healer)
* FM (dps)
* SF (healer/dps)
* Gun (dps/reset)
* SIN (taxi/dps)

Mid speed:

* BM (Tank/DPS)

* BD (DPS/Protection




(I cant place Destroyer, never played it)

I like all the classes myself.
So lets compare summoner vs Warlock
Warlock has lots more to take into account in both pvp and pve.  (Buff slave)
Summoner is an easier class, but its heal and cat res is pretty useful (healing slave)

The summoner is easier to learn the basic rotation and needs less gear compared to warlock to shine
The warlock is the coolest looking class in the game


The end game badge (mystic) is stupid for warlock, but pretty good for sum. 

Warlock you need to decide between ice or shadow where shadow can be used in pvp en pve (thus cheaper option, but less cool). 
And sum you can go either element and still do decent in pvp and pve.


Damage wise both classes have decent to good damage. 
End game warlock should out dps summoner as far as I recall, but I have not received max gear yet (and never will with the speed this game updates) 

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Generally both classes are "easy" the rotations differ but as soon as you get them down you wont have any issues.

Given warlock animations look cool they are also very annoying and too flashy (at least for me :P )


Out of the 2 i would say go warlock, they are always needed in parties for their buff :P

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Imo wl is a very slow class to play. It's at the very least slower then my sf and eventhough I have yet to play a gunner I have a feeling that the gunner plays pretty fast. The wl is slow and is fairly immobile. There is I frames other then s s that I've noticed  ( besides there skills they can use when knocked down). I never played summoner but I've heard over and over that it's easy mode. Does well every where. So the choice is yours what you wanna deal with I guess.

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