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euro webpage problem

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i wanted to buy premui mfor a year today so i went to the bns page and its only showing me dollars (when ibuy nncoins i shows me euros )   and whatever i tried it dint wanna show in euros (im from the netherlands ) i dont use vpns or anythign like thaht and honestly i feel kidna scammed out of 15 euros sicne 125 dollars =110 euros right now 18-12-2017 early morning  also tried chanign my valuta to dolalr and back on paypal nothing worked it only accepted 124,99 euro  and since it shown nowhere it kidna feels liek a scam so pls fix this bns show us euro people euro signs and not dollars and maybe even fair pricing as well (or is it taxes hmm) idk  im not gonna proofe here whats my ip is cus hackers and stuff but i can 100 % guarentee you im dutch :3

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Hello Tetoraa,


I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties while trying to purchase Premium Membership in Euros. If you are seeing pricing US Dollars while logged on with your NC Account despite being in Europe you should get in touch with our Customer Support, they will be able to assist you further and make sure you properly get billed in Euros.


Thank you!

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