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How do you transfer outfits between characters?

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Head/Face/Adornment need 3 stamps each
Outfits need 6 stamps each

You buy up the amount of stamps relative to the amount of cosmetics you want transferred. So say you want to transfer an outfit and a glasses. You buy 9 stamps total. You go to the storage npc and click on mail, you put the outfit and glasses in the male but the total cost of transfer still wont show up until you type in the character name which you would like to send it to. Which has to be a character on the same account and region as the character you are sending the outfit and glasses from. After you've typed the character's name that is in the same region and account in the recipient tab, the game will show u the amount of stamps u need to send it. If you have the amount, send button will be highlighted to click. If you do not have the amount of stamps, send button wont be highlighted but it will still show u how much stamps you need in total. 

Also keep in mind the only way to know which outfits can be transferred via stamps is to read the description. If it shows how much stamps it needs for transfer, then it can be transferred. If it doesn't say anything in description about stamps then do not bother, it cant be transferred. 

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