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Being forced onto the dark path makes me want to quit.

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Let me start by saying I always role play my characters and this is a big part of the enjoyment for me. However I dont like being evil. 

I am on my first playthough and had been enjoying it. It had been clear from quite early on that there was going to be a light/ dark choice at some point. I am 48 and have just finished chapter 3, but was given no choice about what I wanted and have been forced down the path of revenge, as a result my character feels wrong and I have lost any empathy for her. Is there any point in me continuing, because right now I cant  see it and I feel like quiting and walking away. Unless there is some path of redemption I see little point in carrying on. 

This is a pity, because as I said, up until now I had been enjoying it.

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If anything it's the dark path that got removed.


They DID in fact kill a light/dark choice and merged the relevant events from both sides when you get to silverfrost, 

You never go full 'evil' or anything either, If anything you've already done worse back in sandstone refuge; you mostly just become kind of an impatient angry ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for a few chapters before mellowing back out and getting railroaded back onto the hero path. 

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Lol yup talk about story book scenarios xD

You can dps the boss down in 30 seconds but the story makes you get your butt kicked and rendered helpless in the following scene. 

Best is becoming a babysitter.  Now why the heck would I agree to that? Lol

I don't take my characters relationship with the games story seriously.

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