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For those who experience blue screens and restarts after launching the game


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Hey everyone, I've experienced this quite a few times after reinstalling the game, including tonight, which is why I'm writing this post for anyone who might have the same issue. This error blues out your screen and tells you that windows ran into a problem and needs to restart, often saying "critical process died" or "unexpected store exception", then your PC proceeds to restart, and so on. This error happens after clicking the play button as the Xigncode window begins to load up.

I know this error is very frustrating and I almost quit playing BnS altogether when I didn't know how to resolve the issue. I don't want you to quit over something that (at least in my case) is such a quick fix.

If you come across this error the first thing you need to do is uninstall Microsoft Redistributable c++ 2005 from the add/remove programs in control panel. After you've uninstalled this, go over to program files (x86) -> NCSOFT -> BnS -> delete "bin" folder. Restart the launcher and run file repair and the game will automatically start after reallocating it's files. This simple fix has saved me from the dreaded blue screens after a fresh install 4 times now. If you have done this and still proceed to have blue screens, consider if the error happens with other games as well, or just BnS. Other options are removing all Microsoft Redistributable packages on your PC, turning off your firewall/antivirus, and replacing the "bin" folder with a copy from a working client (ask a friend). This error, if found while opening other applications as well, could very likely suggest a hardware issue.

I hope I could help someone in need like I was. See you in game!

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You know why there are a bunch of redistributable packages?  Because they come with applications that you install.  Each application that uses the MS libraries can ensure that the version they need are installed.  Sometimes those programs can use a copy of the library installed by other programs (or that comes with your OS, but sometimes they might require exactly the version they included.  If you removed all of those redistributables, you'll be very lucky if all of your apps will still function the same.


It's very likely BnS installed its own version of the redistributable lib(s) that it needs and it should automatically pick the exact right version it needs. 


Also, I might suggest -- never delete existing folders as your first action.  First -- rename or move them.  Rename them with a date extension so you know when you renamed them.  If you play a few days or weeks (or months), and everything is working ok, then delete it if you need the space, or save it off to an archive directory for safe keeping for a few months and delete things in the archive that are older than a few months. 


You really shouldn't be getting 'critical process died'.  I've seen that type of message when I've killed a system process like the power-control process (on win7, psxss.exe).  Kill that or, I think, (not going to test it right now. ;-)) csrss.exe and maybe smss.exe and your system will go down real fast (or blue screen).  If you are getting random processes dying, I'd start looking for malware causes or memory problems, most likely malware...)


Good luck...

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