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Add "Unpack the Selected Items" in mailbox

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Every time I buy Outfit Delivery Stamps or anything from F10 Daily Specials in large quantity, it is a pain cuz every item is sent to mail box individually. The mail box needs to frequently unpack its items in order to display more recent items. Throw in some more items from Daily Dash too.


Now with the new Login Rewards that acts the same, you now have 5 more items (10 with premiumship) sent to your mail box in daily basis. If you don't open them daily, then they will soon hide your recent items, and it will become much a chore when that happen.


And you know how unpack items work? You select one, press unpack, then go for another, rinse and repeat. For store-bought items, you will have to go through a confirmation window too. Now imagine doing that 10-20 times per every single day.


Can we have the "Unpack the selected items" option added to the mailbox so that we can quickly unpack items?



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True, the EXP charms aren't stacked and clicking one by one to unpack is getting frustrating, I do believe that "Unpack" needs to be reworked a little, even if it's just by 10 items per page, would save up some time and be more convenient rather than opening one by one.

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Oh I forgot that you cannot check the packed item :d


Change it to "Unpack all items of current pack"

2 hours ago, renchesz said:

Just right click each item and press Y to unpack.

And do it 10-20 times per day sounds lovely. May as well doing 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats and running 10 kilometers per day while we are at it.

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