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Fixed an issue where Solak Soul could not be upgraded to Hongmoon Energy Stage 4.

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Dunno it can be upgraded cuz I don't play other regions beforehand to know this.


So I kinda trashed it already, and upgrade my HM soul from Stage 1 to Stage 5. In short, I lose 30 transformation stones, a few void fragments and gold for upgrade, all cuz NCWest did not bother telling us everywhere. Not even in Known Issues.


I feel too tired to even rant about compensation or submit a refund + item restoration request. I leave that to people.

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14 minutes ago, Lady ErzaScarlett said:

I learned to keep everything for a while so i havey solak soul on every alt and main. 


 and as maint post stated it will be upgradable from solak soul to hm 4 or 5 

did the same with the solak accessories..you never know, i guess.


however, people should get it back on their alts - you guys should try to create tickets, hope they will help

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Well I levelled up my old soul stage 1-6 literally like the night before and then NC announces that there is a bug with Solak soul the very next day!!!!! So I am asking for a revert and here is my response. WAY TO SCREW ME OVER AND THEN SAY SCREW YOU MORE! Like reverting stage 3 is gonna change the number of mats I have lost due to your mistake....



We have reviewed your request and can only offer to revert your Hongmoon Energy - Stage 6 back to Hongmoon Energy - Stage 3 as we have a standard limit of 3 stages per reversal and we're unable to amend the mechanics outside exceptional circumstances.

These are the items that you will receive:

19 Gold and 50 Silver
Void Fragment x 20
Sacred Oil x 1
Transformation Stone x 30
Hongmoon Energy - Stage 3
If you wish to continue with this reversal, please log out from the game then update this ticket so we can process your request.

We will wait for your response.


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