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Client.exe 6.2 GB of RAM (Memory Leak)


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1. It's not "normal" that an old engine (UE 3) consumes more than 7 GB of RAM (I've already seen it up to 7.2 GB). All my modern games are around 1 to 4 GB, with spikes up to 5. Why this sh*tty game consumes more than more powerful and recent games? 16 GB of RAM for gaming is not a norm: it's just to allow users to open net browsers (2 GB), discord and chats, record video and some other heavy tasks in parallel of running an heavy game. But 8 GB for just gaming is still normal nowadays and is the more common amount of RAM on gaming PC database. 16 GB is more for power users and very modern gaming PC or "pro" PC. Price of RAM hurts a lot.


2. If it's not a bug, I just want NCSoft to write somewhere that recommanded configuration is 12 or 16 GB for BnS. When an OS needs 1.5/2 GB and the game consumes more than 7 GB, RAM swaps on HDD/SSD and your performances becomes very low (Freezes, long loading, stuttering, see the amount of complaints on this forum).


3. Open your eyes boiz. It's definitely a new bug, maybe a typical memory leak or new bug in a bad memory management, that didn't exist before.


4. Win 10 doesn't consumes more than Win 7. In fact, Win 8 consumes less than Win 7 and Win 10 has been designed to consumes as much as Win 8. I won't discuss it anymore.



But it doesn't concern me anymore, I've left BnS because of bugs and this was the ultimate bug that makes me take my decision. I'm sorry, because the gameplay was pretty good for a MMORPG. Bye.

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It's not a bug. The developers for some odd reason did not implement a memory release to the game meaning the more stuff you do the more RAM it eats because it still keeps everything you have done in the game stored up in the memory and does not release them back when you no longer are not doing those things like dungeons. Longer you play more RAM it consumes in the end resulting to a freeze because out of RAM.


So yea would be cool if they implemented "clean useless memory usage when you no longer doing  a dungeon and it does not need to be in the memory anymore" function.

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A friend reported to me that he left its game on during 24 hours. When he looked back to its computer after his afk, Client.exe consumed a bit more than 60 GB. The computer had swapped on the SSD to handle that. True story and next time with screenshot.

Serious memory leak, sorry boys.

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