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Guides for New Players?


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I am kind of a new player (started at launch; but only played with my Assassin until level 29) and wanted to play with my new Level 50 Warlock.

But since I have all these new skills and what not, I have no idea what to do next.

What builds are good at the moment?

What rotations do I use?

Do I need any items that increase the power of my builds?

Is there something I definitly need to know?


I could really use your help here and would be thankful for any advice :)




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My problem is that I don't know too many things about this game.

And I can't find any decent guide about anything.


1. What builds are good/should I play for PvE (mostly Dungeons and Quests). I have no idea about the rotations that are good. The kind of items I want.

2. Do I need to do any PvP if I want to play "higher" PvE? If so, I would need Guides for that as well.

3. I recently became level 55. What now? I heard some things about the Hongmoon Level, but what is it exactly? How can I use it? Why do I need it?

4. I have absolutely no idea what to do about my equipment. Should I farm some dungeons to upgrade it? Or do I need to go to higher difficulties for that?

- I also saw some kind of Attack Power requirements. What about that? Is it wise to just stack Attack Power like crazy to be able to do higher difficulties/dungeons?

5. What about dalies? Any important ones? Ones I should never forget to do?

6. Any important quests I should do? Something like the quest that gave me +10k Stamina?


I could really use pretty much any help at all...^^




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Well I am no wl, but I think for pve most people go frost (at least thats a start)

As for rotations, look what is available in youtube, I was told some Nodah is a good wl (a while back, but it is a starting point, again, I don't play that class)

But be aware that people expect you to do soul burn at bosses (you might have to spec that under k, it should be tab after you called your thrall)


As for items, go for pinnacle (I think, not sure about the name, anyway the violett stuff that drops from asura for example). You already got your legendary soul shield, but the numbers might not be optimal. So go and do msp during weekends (it is in the daily rotaion and many people do it, just join in f7 or in faction chat if someone asks). You should aim for as much crit and accuracy on the pieces as possible, as you should aim for a crit rate of 50 to 55% and 125% accuracy. You also don't want to throw away the shields you get with not desired stats. You can fuse them on soul shields with the right stats to increase stats (right or left click on the soul shield will give you the option to bring up a menu)


Afterwards you want to opt for legendary accessoirs. Do NOT get the earring from msp. It is trash. The legendary ring from ebondrake citadel is skipped by many as you really want the ring from bt, so if you get it in the dragon express or for 1 copper, go for it, but don't pay lots for it and don't upgrade it. You definitly want the necklace (desolate tomb), the belt (naryu foundry) and the bracelet (naryu sanctum). They drop there, but for compleating you also get tokens, so if you are unlucky you can get them for tokens in dragon express. Foundry and Sanctum might be a bit hard for you now, so you might want to skip that for later.


I guess you already upgraded your scaleburn weapon? I think most wl go for seraph, but again, I don't play that class, could be wrong. Anyway, you want 6 gem slots in your weapon. If you don't get them first try, go to great harvest (under zaiwei) and get the boxes with your weapon till you get 6 slots (I had 6 slots on first try but also had to buy 15 boxes once, but trust me, it is way cheaper that way). Once you got 6 slots, upgrade your weapon, preferrably using void framgments (from the daily spin wheel or farmable in celestial basin).


uhm... do daily quests (in the right corner are two buttons under the map, daily challenge and weekly challenge). If you complete 3 of the 6 options, you get sun orbs, which you first should use to get a badge (look up wl section for wich one), gems afterwards. You can also get the other badge from celestial basin for peaches, also get that in the long run. You could also farm tower of infinity for the current badge, if your class needs that.


You also need hongmoon skills, which are rather difficult to get in pve, as the drop rate is super low. So pvp is faster there, but it is also hard if you are just learning your class. Hongmoonskills are the little red books under k, which change your skills a bit. Again, youtube for pvp guides.


Thats all I can think of right now.

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