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Lvl 50 ticket is a double edge sword careful.

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To those who plan to use the level 50 ticket a word of caution.

You will not get all costume rewards like the wreath hair. Or the ear rings. Nor do you  get the achievements for beating the arcs in the story you instantly go straight to the end of the story. 


When using the ticket keep in mind if you care about achievements/Costume rewards you will not get them. The wreath hair is not available once you use it. 


:D enjoy the ticket.

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You can purchase all of the missed costumes and accessories from npcs in each region, Jadestone, Yeharas Mirage, Hogshead Hamlet, Zaiwei are the ones i can think of for now. Most of them are near a wheel of fate.

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You need to use fabrics to purchase them
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54 minutes ago, MassiveEgo said:

When I said no fendor(rip english, meant vendor), I meant that no NPC sells them at all. Like the hair pieces for example. Everything past the moonwater plains is rip of you don't quest it out.

I believe it's the vendor out in grand harvest for the silver frost. I know they are out there cause I found the outfit you get at the end of the last chapter and it was 3 normal fabrics. 

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4 hours ago, wcnighthawk said:

Yea you can.  You can either go to Grand Harvest or North Reach (both coin vendors carry same items).  You will need 1 fabric and 5 Naryu coins to purchase it.  Same for earrings, Stratus uniform, and that sunflower head piece.

This is probably from last patches. Good to know.

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