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Baleful/Seraph for Level 50 char creation voucher


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when you create a character with a lvl 50 voucher, you are wearing the scaleburn weapon (I hope the english name is the same, anyway, the orange weapon you are wearing).

Now you got a red and a white star shaped cristal in you inventory. if you click on your weapon and go to management, you can turn it into the baleful or seraph version of it using only the crystal thingy you got in your inventory (it shows a grey icon beneath the weapon you choose, just click on the crystal in your inventory to add it) and there you go.


Just making sure you know this, you should opt for 6 gem slots in your weapon. Because yeah you got the posibility to get them while upgrading, but if you are unlucky it gets expensive (someone just posted the aransu weapon with 4 slots, speaking about unlucky)


So if you don't get 6 slots in first try, go to great harvest and buy another scaleburn weapon there. upgrade to the path you like (the red/white crystal can be bought in the dragon express) until you get 6 gem slots. It might take a bit longer but you save tons in the long run. 

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