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2x lvl 50 vouchers

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FYI, you will receive two lvl 50 vouchers, one for the EU server and one for the US server. As a EU player I can finally play now wednesdays with my new lvl 50 character on the US server! yay! I don't know if this was actually intended by ncsoft to receive two of these vouchers?

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2 minutes ago, Deathwish said:

how do we get the lvl 50 vouchers? i registered like i was asked but im not seeing them on my account. can i get a little help?

Go here: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/


Log in or if you are already logged in click "My Account"

 > 1.) click "settings" 

 > 2.) click "Apply a code"

 > 3.) click "Blade & Soul" underneath "Unused Serial Codes" click apply on any codes you have

Log into the game, create the lvl 50 then all items promised will be sent to that lvl 50 character.

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No character existed on the US server before. I simply created first a level 1 character and logged in. Then I noticed that I received my last year 365 days premium subscription outfit (but currently I am unsubbed, no premium at all) and the level 50 voucher. Then I logged out and created my level 50 character.

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