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At an impasse


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I guess you refer to the point in the story where you have to defeat him? Cause the best way to lvl up is to do the story.

There are some dungeons where you have to enter through a story npc by talking to him, because you are never meant to do the real dungeon, you get a weaker version for the story. Either the game notices while you enter (like masts) or you speak to a npc outside. Also, be sure not to do this with F8, that won't work. 

So my guess is, you are entering the wrong way.


If by chance you are doing it right, it is a story instance, noone can help you there. So did you distribute your hm points? put 10 points into defensive, this helps you quite a bit and you should be able to defeat him.

If you are really desperate, check you buff food, and try getting more ap or more deff, depending on what you are lacking. Also try do iframe the stuff he does, you are mostly not meant to get hit (if he is the one that always pulls you, stay close and try moving in a circle around him, he misses a bit more then, at least it feels that way)

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