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Did not receive pre-register code in email- help


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I recently pre registered for the Lost Continent update before the due date and then logged onto BnS on December 6th, today as I was told- but I did not receive an email with the code for the pre-register bonus. I'm not sure why but am looking into my friends accounts to see if they have the same problem or not.

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1. go to http://www.bladeandsoul.com/

2. log in

3. click My Account

4. Click Apply Code

5. Click Blade and Soul tab on that blue page. there should be a 1 in a cirlce next to it.

6. click accept or activate beside "explorers pack"

7. look in Received Items in game to find 1 package with level 50 voucher and Merry Cap

8. return to forums to find the 200 threads asking where all the rest of the stuff that people should have got is since nobody has gotten it.


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man, I do not have a code in my account. I tried creating a new one to see if it changed anything and got the same results. No code or anything. even on my pre-registered account. What do I have to do? Ive been to the main page and still has a (0) on Blade and Soul.

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