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Lost Jackpot, literally lost out of my received items

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do you have pages upon pages of unclaimed and unopened items? When you reach a certain point the items no longer display until you open up several items. I have 42 pages of HM claims from DD and store and after like 3 items i have to open a bunch up to see any new ones that come in. 

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3 hours ago, BattouPT said:

Not even a full page right now :) lvl 50 (hm10), claimed the explorers packet and just got 1 hat and 50 lvl boost.. Is it normal? Already sent a ticket lol


That is correct, you'll only get the items promised in the explorers pack once you make a new character with the level 50 voucher, the items will be in your inventory on the new character and apparently they aren't tradable, so you can't move them to a different character lol

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