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Destroyer (Probably strive to main) or should i continue with my current Main


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I know that people will keep saying that its heavily gear dependent, but here is the thing, i messed up with my main on progression and i am stuck way far behind for the amount of time i play this game (5 months give or take) and i am still on dawn 3, 5 bt ss, neck s6, s4 bt ear, ring, no bracelet, belt. (Casual player, not hardcore)


So i wanted to make a clean start but this time make a clear gear progression and a right one. At the moment i got enough mats to go sera 10-11 mby, and got all the tokens from all the dungeons for leggies (except bracelet, still missing few hands), enough feathers for 5 BT ss pieces, soul will remain moonwater for quite some time as i don't seem to have enough void fragments-transformation stones. So my main question is, i don't expect to have high-tier dps, but at least some to keep up with the content. Shine some light on my poor soul and tell me how to progress the gear on destroyer wisely. (I've been solo playing, didn't have anyone to teach me how to progress, thus the result).


Edit: btw Earth Destroyer.

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