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Make Premium Great Again: vol.100,000,000.5

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I don't understand for the life of me, why NCSOFT refuses to incentivize premium service much more. No one thinks it's attractive. It's like bettlejuice in a beauty pageant! For the i millionth time. Here are some suggestion to make the premium service much more desirable.


1. For premium level 8 and above you now have 100% free mailing to alternate characters. This will be something you can't live without should you have an alt. This is the least you can do since we don't actually receive "more gold" like it's currently listed.


2. For level 10 premium users (and above see below), you should get 6 free TEMPORARY outfit exchange tickets every month. These vouchers will expire before the next month's set are issued to prevent stacking. This will allow one free outfit exchange should people care to do so, once a month.


3. A new temporary exchange ticket is introduced for level 5 and above premium users allowing one free hair/make up change a month. Like the vouchers above, they expire before the next set is given out to prevent stacking. This will allow a change of pace minus the cost to a full character alteration voucher.


4. Add new level 11 to premium service which removes the cost for weapon alteration completely.


5. Add new level 12 to premium service which rewards allows dungeon costumes to become account bound tradable at the cost of vouchers.


6. Add new level 13 to premium service which gives 10% reduced cost to crafting outfits. (Example: i can craft the forge keepers outfit for less materials.)


7. Add new level 14 to premium service which removes the "chance of failure" from transmuting outfit pouches.


8. Add new level 15 (max level) to premium service which allows infinite wind walking in towns. 


Notice how i stayed away from anything that could be considered "pay to win". This will HEAVILY incentivize people to not only make more purchases to increase their premium level, but will actually make premium VERY attractive without giving premium users any real advantage outside of, a few gold saved and quality of life improvements. I can't see how this would be difficult to implement or how it would fail to turn much profit. No one wants to see this game die and adding real value to premium while making premium members feel good can only help. NOTHING is pay to win here.

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They said they will revamp the premium subscription service in the future.


However, I believe there won't be any premium level anymore (removed) when they revamp the premium because they have removed it in other region server as well. "Mark my word"

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