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How to make arena more popular?


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As the title said. 

There are a lot of problems with arena. Main problem in my opinion are bad rewards. Yes there are seasons with nice rewards but i feel like they are good only for few elite players and they have even 3 or more alts with same class so they collect most of them. So only few of pvp player base benefit from this. And that is really bad, almost alarming.


New reward system that i thought of. 


New rewards rules:

1. Players will recive rewards only for 1 character per account that is highest in their class ranking (for example you have Blade master rank 1 and 2th rank 5 and Warlock rank 3, you will recive reward only for one BM but also for WL).


2. Current ranking system based on class rating  (1,2,3,4-9,10-99,....) will award tokens and special pvp costumes in same way as it is right now, but as said before only 1 per account


3. Characters that are in ranking, but are not the highest rank on player account will not recive rank but will be still shown in ladder.

Example: Class ranking for Blade master

rank 1. Kuki <Kuki>

rank 2. Bay <bay>

rank -. QiZhuo <Kuki>

rank 3. Hawboy <Haru>

rank -. youThink <Kuki>

rank 4. other characters 

And so on.

I ve used ranking trend form ladder, it is not meant to offend anybody only to set example. Here player "Kuki" would revice rewards only for character named "Kuki" so there will be more rewards for more people and create place that is "more fair". And players will have more clear information about current meta. 


4. Aditionaly at the end of the season, everyone will recive rewards in materials based on what medal they reached ->

bronze (1300-1449): no reward

silver (1450-1599): few materials (25 elysian crystal, 25 moonstone crystal, 50 soultone crystal, 50 sacread crystal)

gold (1600-1799): costume from f10 (ncsoft choise), more mats (50 elysian crystal, 50 moonstone crystal, 25 evolved stone, 4 gem powder)

platinum (1800-2099): cotume (same as gold) more mats (50 elysian orb, 50 moonstone, 50 evolved stone,  1 gem crystal)

Diamond (2100+): cotume (same as gold) platinum material rewads  + new legendary weapon skin (for wow efect)

In adition: 

Instead of beeing able to exchange zen beans for soulstones, let us buy pouches with mats that drop in dungedons (something like in celestial bashin) with cost of 1k zen beans for 1 pouch or something like that.

This i think would bring more PvE players to do or at least try arena.


Any idea is welcome. Just please dont post "they need to balace classes". Iam sure they already try.

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Your idea is good. However, there are problems. If the season reward only gives to the character with highest rank within the same account, what happen to the other characters? Even though they don't receive the rewards, but they still sit on top rank 1-5. So, it still means less people get the rewards on those top rank 1-5. Also, I don't think they hand out the rewards manually. I believe there is a system to hand out the reward automatically during maintenance or else we wouldn't have errors or bugs in some of the past seasons.


I think the only way to make it alive is to make event based in arena like the one in 2-3 months ago.



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No they dont sit on those ranks. As it is in example, player "Kuki" has 3 characters in Top 5, but only 1st one has rank 1, others would have rank 3 and 5 but algorythm would skip them and not give them rank anymore. They will be there but game would ignore them. 


Very simply put, algorythm would be like this: Check character with max points > does it have index (player name) that is in ladder allready? > no/yes > No, then give it rank 1+n > check character with max-1 points > does it exist? > no/yes > no, repeat last step> yes, does it have index that is ladder allready? > Yes, skip it > check character with max-2 points > and so on until game chek all characters at some limit points. 


This may be a little bit heavy on procesing since iam not profesional and there might be better way, but its really possible to do so. 

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