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shadow or fire for dungeons

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I returned to play a short time, I made a shooter, but I am undecided the question of which build to play, fire or shadow, the damage difference compared to the patch that will arrive from fire to shadow in DG's are very different? I want to make dungeons time-consuming and not compete with anything, I wonder if shadow shooter start and continue and bad, or should I start from fire and then turn shadow? I am 50 hm9, I would like a discussion and a friendly debate and with evidence of DPS I know if possible,

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I personaly play both. For pve i use shadow for sustained dmg and thats is my main element only because i like its playstile more. Fire is my second element and i use it on TOI/pvp ( working on fire acc now). So i would say its only preference what you like . I find fire boring in pve so i chose shadow :)

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