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Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack - missed out

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Because not everything is that simple. It's a way to attract players back into the game, because if you see "Big update + Free items and a level 50 voucher", players will be attracted to that. The fact it's limited time makes people rush more to get it. It's marketing in a way. 


plus it's NCSoft lmao. they'd never give gifts like that for free to everyone. 

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14 minutes ago, Onbekend said:

It's been on the main page of the site. They've said it on both preview streams. You look straight at it on the character select screen, and the news board you see after logging into your char (F1). This is all on you.

^ No excuse with two weeks also, only exception are if someone isnt subscribed to newsletters, didn't touch the game, or hear any word of mouth related to bns freebies at all. Literally plastered ingame, main website, social media, and email :OMEGALUL:

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It makes sense to me that you have to register for it, a way to thank the players that still play and support the game. Don't know why people who stopped playing or are new would want a lvl 50 voucher. Even if it is a returning player, it isn't NC fault for not giving them free items when they don't even care enough to check the site every now and then for updates.

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