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Improve quickslot for items

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I think 4 slots of item shortcuts are too few, consider how many consumable items we have in this game (True Friendship Charm, Bruiser Charm, food buff, reset charm/pot, AP pot, revival charm, mass revival charm, etc.)


Here are suggestions:


-Add more quick slots.. We have a lot of space down there.

-Add more shortcut keys, using combo with Ctrl or Alt or Shift.

-Allow to put equipment on quick slots. Useful for people with long-cooldown soul who want to quickly change to their dummy soul in order to not waste powerful buff, or people who wants to swiftly swap items for different contents.

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31 minutes ago, Trix said:

I would really like to see this happen as well, i have so many different consumables in my inventory that don't get used because it's inconventient to have to open my inventory up all the time.

In all honesty...they should simply take the bruiser charm, friendship charm out and just add them as a standard buff you get the moment you enter a dungeon.

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