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what legendary badges?

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What does BIS stands for?


or lightning sin.. dynasty mystic badge is the right one if I'm not mistaken and arcana is BIS for now.  however I was wondering with the new badge coming out. is there a better badge other than arcana?


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If you are lightning sin you only have chooses between limitless and arcana soul badge. The first one theoretically can do more damage than the second one but it has less stability of doing damage at same time. The choose between both depends on your own skill, if you are skillful enough so choose limitless, if not or you don't like much risk get arcana. And the KR new soul badge is a evolution of the legendary ones, will be like awakened soul badge. I only know there are random effects added after the evolution but I don't know how exactly it is going to be. 

Mystic badge. If you have no legendary soul badge so just use pulse mystic. You will lose dps using dynasty comparing with pulse if you have none of both legendary soul badges. So just think it after you have limitless or arcana. 

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