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New player confused and what to do with loot


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Hi All,

I am a new player, currently L35 gunslinger, and I am kinda confused about what I should be doing with all the loot I am collecting. I have a inventory full of weapons and jewelry that I have picked up along my way but not sure I should be keeping it all to use to upgrade stuff at end game or not or even if that is a thing. I have tried Googling info but some of it is outdated so I am not sure what is current and what isnt...

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Hi :)


You don't need the weapons you get from the story to upgrade anything later. So what you should do, equip the best (latest) weapon you got. If you really like the design of one of the other weapons, you can keep them as a skin for later weapons. Otherwise just sell them to the npc. (note that it takes gold to fuse a skin on a weapon plus if you want to keep that skin you have to defuse it before changing weapons, so that probably should wait, you are not keeping weapons for long at this point)

You get an upgradable legendary weapon in act 7, so you still need some time till you reach that point ;)


As for je jewels you got, it does not cost anything to add a jewel to a weapon or take it off it, plus you can do it as often as you want (no destruction or anything like that).

So for jewels (like a diamond or stuff like that), add them to your current strongest weapon. If you get the next one, and this is important, take the jewels out of your old weapon and add them to the new one. If you sell your weapon with the jewels in it, they will be gone. So always take them out.


uhm, you probably also got accessories along the way, just wear what has better stats, no need to worry about it. You can also just sell/dismantle old stuff like that, it is not needed (you get violett stuff from the story later on).


Also please remember to wear the new soul shields as you get them (these pizza like pieces). they boost you stats a bit and make life easier.


For your progression, just follow the story. You get a legendary weapon/ a pet/ a soul/ better jewels later on, so you get a nice start.



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