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Why isnt a account wide bank tab a thing in BnS?

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As the title says, why cant we have an account wide tab? The current year is 2017 and every mmorpg i've played had such a tab, Cabal Online, Silkroad, Guildwars 2, and Aion (if i remember correctly). They just make managing all of your items ALOT easyer. Especially with this current event, where u need 2g every day on an alt, to craft the event items.

Whats the point of having to mail an item u earned to another character u made? Is it lazy programming, a moneysink, or a way to sell more dragon trade pouches?


Another thing is, why isnt our wardrobe account wide? Having to unlock the same outfit on different characters is just retarted. We pay 15€ for an outfit, and have to pay another 1.5€ to send it to another character, 3€ if u want to send outfit/adornment/helm of an outfit. I guess the only reason is so they can sell more delivery stamps?

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i thought the same for "wardrobe account wide" if you think about it one event "in the past" gives you many swimsuits for different race, which is waste of NCoin because you have to pay to transfer it to second character... so if we have wardrobe account wide we can store all outfits regarding of class/race to make things easy for premium players who purchase premium membership for 90 days or in my case i did purchase the 1 year membership... and grinding same outfits is time consuming for each character... 






i know that using delivery stamps is a way to increase sale for NCsoft,

i am not against that, because it help keep the game open...  since i am founder and been playing since beta with max premium level...


but it's really a need to have wardrobe account wide, and since wardrobe is premium benefits

why not increase the level of premium to  20

and with each level from 10 - 20

include new benefits that will help premium with End game things


example of new benefits:

1- Wardrobe account wide

2- Storage account wide tap

3- Monthly Gift Box (RNG box - since membership is monthly it should be rewarded as part of being premium like other MMO)

4- Extra Spins!

5- Extra Drop chance ( Outfits, Equipments ) since we have Gold and Exp boost why not include drop rate for outfits and other things

6- Extra Space in Storage (We have Basic, Secondary ) why not Third and forth along with Account wide storage as future benefits

7- Discounts in Hongmoon store

8- More Blue spots in Daily Dash

9- Random daily Buff 

....... ^ Only as example ^ ........


there is still potential in BnS and many possible upgrade to the game... it takes time and developer team need to study things before implementing as it's not easy to randomly throw new things that might harm BnS in the future 

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True point, for having playing several hack'n slash and not that many other MMORPG, the first time I seriously played this game I asked my friend :

- how do we share items with alts ?

- you send an email to your alt.

My brain froze several seconds after hearing that.

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I generally agree. Similar topics have been brought up many of times.


  • Permanent Wardrobe should be Free or Unlockable (via NCoin, lengthier Premium Membership incentive, etc).
  • Wardrobe and Secondary tab (if Third tab not added) in the Vault should be shared between accounts. 


Reasons are obvious and should not impair revenue.

  1. Free wardrobes would be nice, but even if it cost a thousand or two NCoins to unlock, surely most of us are willing. Alternatively, having it unlocked as a lengthier Membership incentive (such as the 365-day membership) would also encourage players to buy into the longer memberships.
    1. Players who had access to Wardrobe usually are ones to have made many costume purchases with NCoins. So at least for me, having Wardrobe access disappear one day is not really an encouragement for me to continue future purchases knowing that it may do more harm then good (inventory wise).
  2. Shared Wardrobe and an Account Stash of some sort should be available, because, in the world I live in, mailing should be used to send/reply to other people; not to mail own belongings to oneself...
    1. Some players argue that the above will make Alts not have need to farm lower level dungeons, basically making new players sad face. This 'problem' can easily be remedied by only making costumes purchased from the Store shared between characters. The farm-able ones will still be acquired separately per character. Working for something free vs paying multiple times for the same costumes has a different feel to it.
  3. But Revenue? I, personally, would purchase most or all the costumes in the Store if they were shared between my characters. It also would no longer be an inhibiting factor for me to create new characters (currently have 2 characters out of 8 slots I own). This in turn can potentially keep my interest in the game longer and make me open my wallet more often.
    1. This does not necessarily apply to everyone, but maybe because I see vanity as of great importance; investing time in another character feels like I should invest in costumes too. However! Purchasing every/most costume in this case is not going to happen; not many of us can afford to do so for 8+ characters. At best it would be selective and sparing purchases. Personally, I currently refrained from any purchases on my 'Alt' and just purchased one or two better fitting ones for my 'Main'.


Unfortunately it will not happen soon even if planned for the future; there is no doubt that delivery stamps and any other avenues will be squeezed dry, because money first and community second. Which isn't wrong per se, since many of us would likely choose to do the same if put into a similar position. Very few companies would put aside $$$ and listen to the community first; unfortunately that's how the world works. Ultimately we make the final decisions, and that reflects how the game is doing.  :/


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