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Extremely high CPU, GPU usage

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I am trying to get into/start this game, but my laptop appears to be unable to run it. As soon as I start the game my cpu skyrockets to 100% and from what I can tell in settings, each graphics setting is on 3. My fps goes extremely low. I would like to know if the problem is my laptop model, or something within my laptop is messed up or slowing the game down.

Dell Inspirion 7559

Intel(R) Core(TM) i700-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60 GHz

8 GB of RAM

Windows 10 64 bit

Any help would be appreciated! 

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You forgot to post your graphic card ;)


But after a quick look you should have a seperate one. I am not sure if it is true for your laptop, but just in case the laptop has 2 graphic cards (for saving energy, with the second beeing a build in intel card thing), have you checked in the nvidia sytem control if blade and soul is set to the nvidia card?

For my system, the nvidia card did not recognise bns as game that needed a graphic card, which results in running it on the onboard card, taking up all the cpu,no matter the setting.

So apart from updating drivers and stuff, please check that ;) Because you should be able to run this fine.

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Do what Anny said. Running games with the integrated gpu does not really directly impact cpu usage, but your chip gets hotter, might overheat and clock lower than even those 2.6GHZ base and that does somewhat effect cpu usage too then.


Some googeling would suggest you have a GTX 960M and a 4k display. Don´t play at 4k, it probably does not work that well with 960M. Try to go down to 1080p.


I don´t really get why manufacturers of "gaming laptops" put 4k displays on so many things these days. It would be *MUCH* more happy with a 1080 or 1440p screen that can do 120hz+ instead.

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