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6v6 Battlegrounds needs fixing #2 ( read the first one )

Rose Rosairo

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Hello , as ''Miss Twinkle'' Said : 6v6 should be fixed but we already know its not gonna happen ,  and thanks to the new stuff Like ( Aransu Badge ) that is impossible to block anymore EVEN make 6v6 look like Worst pvp than any game that i played before in my whole life  , so i deiced i give you a good idea on where Players enjoy the 6v6  , Making New Mode just like 6v6 but with Basic gears instead like Pinnacle or Ivory accessorize whatever you idea is , so there will be win-win situation , which is :


Basic Mode = Basic Gears !! ( Everyone Equal ) 


Special Mode = Random Gears or whales Gears ( P2W ) whatever you call it !!  ( not balanced )


Basic Mode is same As Arena with more increasing in statues like HP: 100K - Ap: 700 .. etc etc .... as long everyone has same Equal power and stuff and it should be more Playable and everyone will be happy to have this Mode instead of going to ''Special Mode'' that will deiced the Factor of the Game the moment we see someone with Whale gears against low gears , which is not good !!


That's all and i hope you guys support me on that !! and i Hope Ncsoft  read this .... (even though i am sure they don't care ) but if they do i will be thankful !! 





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On 18/11/2017 at 5:14 PM, Gigowatt221 said:

Lol, you don't get it. Even balanced, a full Aransu will do a lot more damages than another non stuffed player because of stats bonus and multiplicators.

no make 6v6 like arena with no gear, would be appropriate but then 2 sums will queue.

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