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Returning player looking for advice


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Hi, played for a little back during launch, but once i realized end game was pvp i slowly got turned off. Looking to come back soon just for a nice change. 

So lets assume i start when they hand out those level 50 characters. Any advice on what to do when i start? Where to go for gear, fun dungeons to run for w/e, etc?
Also if it matters, looking at gunslinger to try. Started as assassin, got her to w/e the max level was on launch. 40(?)

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For what u said I suppouse u left before the silverfrost expansion, and really a lot have changed.

1. I dont thing u will have much gear with ur sin so if u want to reroll to gunner not gonna lose much. 

2. Now is really easy to lvl up, story quests give xp and gear to lvl up to 50 without worries. So dont bother doing blue,  just yellow and purple quests. 

3. When u reach lvl 50 do the orange quests in order to unlock the pleb raids (ezpz 12man raids that give good mats and gold and are needed for weekly challenge) and the real raids (better get some gear before going there). Also u can do Midnight skypetal plains (msp) to get the first legendary soul shields,  this should be ur priority. 

4. Ending the story will leave u with enough gear/stats to do the lvl 50 heroic dungeons under Desolate Tomb (normal mode). Higher than that u need more gear. U should do this dungeons trying to get and improve ur legendary gear. 


Btw next big patch (december 6th) will bring lvl 55 expansion, with new content and changes. Also if u register in the main page u will get a lvl 50 boost and other useful items

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