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what i need to know about game?

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There is no armor only outfits, soul shields, accessories, gems, and weapons.


> Soul Shields give you stats such as, defense, critical hit chance, and health, the simple stuff.

 there is a total of 8 soul shields for each soul shield set, each with different focused stats. Example: Soul shield set "Moonwater Valor" consist of 8 piece, get the full set and you will be given bonus states for have the whole set equipped. Other players mix and match soul shields from other sets to make their stats even higher. You will understand it once you start getting them.


> Outfits drop from dungeons, but there are a few that drop from mobs as well. Low chance of dropping though.


> Weapons drop from field bosses and dungeons. Field bosses can be seen on your map, it looks like a red angry monster face.


> Accessories consist of belts, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. There is one other thing called an orb i think, but i'm not sure. All of these help increase your stats as well just like the soul shields. They drop from mobs and bosses.


> Gems are what you attach to your weapon to make it stronger with additional stats to help you out.


> You don't have to upgrade any gear until you reach level 50, until then you farm for everything. When the game first came out everyone had to upgrade 1 weapon that they would have through the entire game, The same went for any other piece of gear.


Note: You can open the marketplace with "F5" once you reach level 15 to look at weapons and other helpful items that players are selling to help you out, i use it to buy weapons that are stronger than the ones that you would usually farm for. Example: you farm a boss for an 89 attack damage weapon, when in the marketplace there is probably a weapon that does 114 instead.



Look at an item, if it says "unable to trade" then it can't be traded. That's basically it for trading. It's pretty self explanatory. 



In my opinion you should do every quest you can, so you can stay up to level with every thing since some quest require to be a certain level to handle said quest.

If you need to do a dungeon there is something called "cross-server matchmaking" and player from across all servers in NA can all play together to beat the dungeon you need, you can press "F8' or hit "ESC" and click the red monster like face icon.


That is the basic stuff, the more complicated stuff come into play at level 50, but i think that is to much to explain here and you should look to youtube for that.


P.S. most items and gear that you need come from reward chests, some of the drop from bosses, some of them require you to click a green chest icon on the right side of your screen above all of your quests.


P.S.S. This game gets grindy toward the end with really hard mechanics and farming. Also money in this game goes from copper, silver, then to gold, so you gain copper to get silver and silver to gain gold, but later on in the game there are some daily quest that give lots of gold.


Hope this helps.


If i have something wrong or missing i'd appreciate someone providing the information. 



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