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Hello guys and girls,


My best friend and I are looking to create a static 6 player group for dungeons, raids and whatnot.

I main an Assassin:

My best friend is a Blade Master:

About ourselves We're both males, 22 and 24 years olds, fluent english speakers. I have first started playing back in 2016 when the game came out, reached level 45 HM 4 then sticked around for a while for the level 50 patch and after a year of break I came back to B&S with my best friend to play. That was 3 months ago, We have cleared EC, DT and NF HM, (every dungeon in normal) we also killed the first 3 bosses of BT. We're not just willing but want to learn and clear every possible Dungeon in Hard Mode, Raid and push ourselves to have a very, very good gear.
We're active each day, mostly in the evening. We don't care if you're a girl or boy, straight or gay, 16 or 30, we just want to have fun, gear up, chat and have competent people to play with.

In the meantime we managed to find a very fun and cool guy aswell, and one of our clan's joined us.

He's a gunner:

Our clan mate:

Ideally we'd like to welcome a Warlock and a Summoner/Soul Fighter to our little group. If you have any questions or you're interested, feel free to reply to this comment, send a whisper to me In-Game or add me in Discord (Lodovik#2442).

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Hey there, you got me tempted for this

I myself am a BM, and id like to join you guys :D

Will contact you tomorrow


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