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Intro and questions!


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Hello! Quick intro, I'm glad to be here! I remember first hearing about Blade and Soul back while I was still playing Lineage2, but if I recall correctly at the time the game was only released in Korea. I'm actually surprised it dropped off the radar here in NA, but oh well, hope I'm not too late to the party!


I had a question, or two. What class is considered the tank class in the game? And what kind of tanking system does the game have? Is it more like WoW-type of games with threat generation and damage mitigation abilities, or is it something different? I picked up on Blade Master, and although it has block and a dodge, I'm not sure how I would keep enemies focused on myself in dungeons (if that's even a thing in this game?)


Also, what crafting professions should I pick up as a new player? I just reached that town where they are first offered and not sure what to pick.


And what do you think is the most fun class to play overall? Other than the BM I also tried Warlock, which definitely had some pretty fun high-damage skills, but required too much standing still and casting for my liking.

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BM is pretty popular as a tank class.  And generally the higher your dps the more aggro you will generate.  You will get more skills as you advance as a BM.  The three skills that will give you additional aggro (aka as threat) are Rush, Lunar Slash and Searing Slash (300 percent threat).  Of course you can lose aggro pretty easily if there are players in your party that are putting out much more dps than you are.  You just need to upgrade as quickly as you can.  BM is pretty bursty but there are some OP folks that will have you chasing the bosses around until you get better gear.  

As for crafting I'd suggest Forgekeepers and Soulwarden but keep in mind that all crafting now uses the same materials that you will need for upgrading your equipment so it's a trade off.  

And the most fun class?  I've tried each class and honestly the most fun I've had and still am having fun with is Gunslinger.  Insane dps (currently) and you don't have to switch stances to use half you skills like most other classes.  Fire gunners do have to stand still to use bulletstorm but everything else is run and gun.  There are a lot of GS around now since it was just released but you shouldn't have too much trouble getting into parties because of your dps and reset skill.

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On 11/14/2017 at 1:06 AM, KBoogle said:

 what kind of tanking system does the game have? Is it more like WoW-type of games with threat generation and damage mitigation abilities, or is it something different?

Threat works pretty much the same way as in other MMORPGs, but Blade and Soul has a huge damage difference between characters that have nominally the same level, hence keeping aggro can be a challenge depending on who you team up with.
Damage difference is not so much determined by class, but by gear quality, clever gear bonus combinations, skill rotation technique, flwlessness of executing the rotation and animation-cancel (ping dependant).

Basically a fresh lvl50HM5 Warlock playing from overseas can have 3500 dps and end up in the same party as a lvl50HM11 bladedancer with Raven gear, legendary badges and good ping doing 150k dps.

As for the tanking system, the biggest difference is the damage mitigation: It basically does not exist. Only a limited fraction of boss skills is in the range where your defence and healing will matter. All the most critical mechanics and boss attacks have an extreme damage factor that require you to evade tank. This is mostly done via iframe skills, and usually the whole party helps with that. BMs have a party iframe activated from block, FMs have a party freeze, DES have a party stone protection and so on.

The tank is exposed to the most attacks and usually has to rotate between blocking/countering (against "yellow" attacks), iframing (against "red" attacks) and still doing enough damage to keep aggro.

The classic tank classes are BM and KFM, with BM being a bit tankier and KFM a bit more of additional party dps support. Destroyers are not well suited as tanks because they have way less iframes and no threat skills. They have great utility though. Sins and BDs can be good tanks too if they outdamage everyone else in party. Even ranged can tank, though that usually conflicts with what people are used to and results in a lot of complaints. :P

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