Game freeze after latest BnS update

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Hello - 


I've been experiencing an issue where the BnS client itself freezes up completely when the game is being actively played in combat or dungeons or when moving through a heavily player populated area, but if left idle can run for hours without issue. This issue began after the latest update this past week and it's basically just locking the client up. I have to close the client to restart the game and this happens constantly, enough so that I cannot play the game. I opened a ticket with BnS support and they're having me check all kinds of settings but nothing else is having this problem. When the game freezes, I can still alt-tab out of the game and other applications like Chrome and Discord are running just fine.


I have followed the steps they've given me by clearing MSConfig startup programs, clearing winsock, and running their hijackthis reports and such, but nothing has helped. Anyone else running into this? I am not sure if I should reinstall the game or if I'm just not going to be able to play it anymore as I'm not having this issue with anything else.


Running windows 10 - fully patched and updated, nVidia 1060 with latest drivers, Intel processor. Any help with be appreciated!



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Same thing happens to me all the time, random places, random people around me, random arena matches... the game freezes for about 5 sec and then unfreeze... 

I can not find any solution to that... 

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