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Primal vs Holy fire


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Which soul badge is better to have for fire gunner? I was originally leaning towards holy fire but someone said primal because of the extra 2 seconds for tab. Plus I already have HM RMB so I wasn't sure if holy fire would make a difference to proc triple shot.

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What I mean, Gab, is that, with Primal Force, you're going to get the added 2 seconds of burst, which might give that added Bulletstorm, but once your burst is done, you're going to have to rely on your other skills to sustain DPS. Holy Fire will won't give you the chance for another Bulletstorm, but allow you to get more sustained damage through more use of Unload.


I've been testing my DPS on my gunner versus Sacred Longgui in the training room and by a considerable margin, Unload is the biggest source of my DPS, followed by Quickshot and then Bulletstorm.


But hey, if all you're doing is crushing whatever you fight in 1 burst of Tombstone, then whatever, right? Heck... if you're doing it in 5 Bulletstorm volleys, you probably don't really need Primal Force, do you?

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