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Looking to play summoner

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Well whats better depends on your gear ;)

But as a start, you can always freely switch between the elements, so while you lvl up, just try both and see what you like best.


If you got msp (midnight sky plain? I think in english) soul shields, they are rather similar, but I think earth is a bit better (not sure though)

With full BT set, wind is stronger than earth, while earth get stonger with full vt set (including badges and stuff), as far as i understand it. But while one element is stronger, the other is still viable.

For pvp this might be diffrent (I think wind is way better, as earth has problems with the air combo dmg), but I honestly don't play pvp...


Personally I stick with earth, I just really like the sunflowr animation ^^ So I am ok with losing some dmg. Just try what you like best.

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