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Turn about? Newbie Questions.


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There does not appear to be a way to keybind a quick turn around in this game.

I usually bind a 180' turn to X or Z or both so that if I move by a mob and can swing about and pummel him.


On a similar note is there anyway I can execute a dodge roll, front or back but especially back.

As a Ranged Character thats an option Im pretty used to having to help maintain distance and fire.

So I would be most interested. : ) BB.



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There is no 180 degree turn button. The only thing you can do is just quickly swipe your mouse to turn the camera around.


There isn't exactly a dodge roll, but every class has a defensive/evasion move. Default buttons are Q/E and SS(double tap S). I assume you're playing gunner?


Your E is kinda like a forward dodge roll, animation wise, you just need to reload grappling hooks to use it.

Your Q is sky hook, never really used it, so I can't say how it really works aside from it putting you in the air.

SS is your back dash, nothing complicated about it, just a simple and quick way to get some distance.


All of them have about 8-10 seconds of cool down, so you can't really spam them. You can kinda spam E, but there's a 10 second cool down for reloading grappling hooks. If you already have 5 grappling hooks, you can use them back to back.


If this is your first character, you're not really ment to spam these moves in a fight. They're for dodging red/multi-hit attacks and debuff attacks, such as knock down or stun.

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