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Hair style reset to default?


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Hello! i hope this is the right spot to put this since idk if this would be considered a bug since its such a tiny problem, but as said in the title, my character's hair style reset to the default, but no other changes seem to have taken place. 


this is what it was before (i took this pic to show my friends bc we're so cute) 


and now its changed to: 



i never bought the character appearance change thing, so this shouldnt have happened.

this problem didnt happen recently. i waited for an update but it was still at the default, and my friends told me it appeared that way to them too, so i know its not just on my part. does anyone know why this happened and how can it be fixed? i couldnt find anyone else who had this problem on the forums or anywhere else 


Thank you! 


EDIT 11/23: aaaaa the pictures werent working right so i changed them to links in google drive, so they'll have to be clicked on. i hope that works for anyone wishing to view them! 

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