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Can't login one specific character of mine

Fubu KFM

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It's been over a week since I could not play my KFM. Last wednesday 1.11.2017 I've race changed my KFM but instead that the changes would go trough, it gave me an error message as I should try it later. But since then the start game button is greyd out for my KFM (any other character works) only this specific character can not be logged in. (tried by double clicking on name, pushing the enter button)

I've made a ticket asap but it's been over a week now where I did not get any help nor results nor timeframe. Since the event started and I can't play I lose again so much time to play and receive event rewards. Maybe someone here can help me.



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Ticket #15335742
2. November 2017 02:17

Last reply:

8. November 2017

And it's basically the same answer that I got after the ticket I made that they are thankful for me being patient.

But missing now 2 Raid IDs, weekly rewards, daily rewards and now event rewards is too frustrating..

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