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Best soul and bracelet? Ice

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What is the best bracelet to get for ice build, tiger or divine dragon?  And do i want to go with the long cooldown or short cool down soul?  Without doing any maths I would assume the short cooldown soul would be best for overall damage since with an 8 second cooldown as opposed to a 1 minute CD, it should proc more often and even though the damage increase isn't as big as the 1min CD you get to use it more often.

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if you have full lifebane soul shield go for dragon, if you dont get tiger and swap to dragon when you do. with pulse badge it hits good, also yeah you can think the 8sec is good overall but burst-wise high-tier sfs get long cd for the bigger burst after using focus chi, so its the main goal to get if youre around midway progression where im currently at tbh but for totally maxed gear im not sure, some guys talked through sf's max gear ice/earth gear stuff so you gotta search for that in the character thread.

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