Unrefined Scaleburn weapon

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Hello. I did the yellow quests on my force master character and now, on my kung fu one, when reaching "The MYsterious Stranger" main quest, I received an Unrefined Scaleburn Weapon.

I haven't received it on my other character. Why? If I lvl up before your update, I don't get the weapon, but if I lvl up after certain updates, I get the weapon?

I don;t know how to say this, but it's outrageous. Maybe I missed something and things aren't such a mockery. 

Please, help me understand what is going on here.

Thank you

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This weapon came to game about 2 updates ago. If you lvled up and done all story on other chars before that update  you wont get that weapon because it was non exitence at that point. only chars which fnish story after that update will get it from q. You can always buy it from grand harvest npc near wheel of fortune.

Edit: was to slow :D

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also, if you're already leveled up your force master as you say, you probably have the purple weapon from before this scaleburn weapon update. If you salvage that purple weapon, you will get the scaleburn weapon :)


or just buy it for 5 naryu tablets as seen above

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