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Security Verification - IP Adress


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Hey dear BnS Community!

So I wanted to ask if there is somewhere a feature where you can disable the IP check.

My Internetprovider gave me a dynamic IP,meaning it changes everyday and thus the game always wants me to enter Verification Codes from my Email into the Launcher.
It gets annoying with time and I wanted to ask if theres a way to disable it or somehow make that my IP stays the same.

(im using an Ethernet Cable from my Router to my PC if that matters)

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On 7.11.2017 at 6:57 PM, KurooSakura said:

I also have a dynamic IP but the last time it asked for a verification was 2-3 months ago.. 

My IP changes every day or 2 days,and so the game thinks its a new PC/Location though im still at home :(
Lucky you

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