Gamepad Support?

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It's been awhile since I played and I'm wondering if this is a thing.

My friend uses gamepad and they keyboard can't reach where they sit, so I really do hope it's an option.

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I've always used controllers with BNS, but while it may feel kind of convenient to have most controls available in one controller's button setup, it CAN be awkward for certain classes' gameplay. I play an FM, and started out with a lazy ice build around NA launch. Later, when I saw how much more powerful a fire build was, and after discovering animation cancelling in BNS, I went with a fire build and never went back. Certain skills, along with an "interact" button can feel awkward, having to hold R1 while pressing R2 (or RB and RT), but once you get used to it, it's pretty fun. It might slow you down, playing a WL a little, but I've been able to manage somehow. Also, a XB360 pad has a cappy d-pad, so I started using a PS3 Dual Shock at some point. It's SO much better and easier to control. I tried a PS4 Dual Shock but the "Options" and "Share" button are a pain in the BUTT to hit in a pinch because of how they're tiny, vertical buttons. I also use DS4 or DS3 - whatever it's called, to use either PS controllers.

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