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Fallen Aransu School

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During the dungeon, boss died while i was being resurrected by pressing 4 and I did not get the rewards. Is that how it normally is or it's just a bug?

Also I could not see if I was locked on this dungeon until I resetted.

Does anyone have any information about this?

Thanks in advance.

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It is just like DKV. Depending on your party's overall DPS (have whales or not), usually just don't press 4 when the boss's hp is down below 20%, especially if you have long loading screen.


You can see if you are locked with this dungeon in the quest menu, just like CS, HM, DKV, BT, VT, SK, it will show if you are locked or not in there. I think it is second or third tab in quest menus (J). I can't remember exactly which tab it is.


By the way, there is no way to reset FAS, VT, and SK raid dungeon atm.

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