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Could someone explain ranking to me?


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So, I was at the point of trying to get some HM skills.  Needed Silver rank to purchase the one wanted.  So I ventured into arena.  Had a pretty disastrous first day and went 2-8 leaving me with a 1300 ranking.  On day 2, I tried again and did much better.  However, it took me going 7-1 to get up to 1350+ points.  Basically, my wins an losses were about 12-15 points each.


That's fine if that's how the system works, but what I don't understand is I had a friend play one match, won and got to silver immediately.  I've had others manage 1300 to 1350 on two matches.  I fought several silver players they fought bronze.  


Why is that the case?  How does the ranking work and why are the points for winning and losing so all over the place.

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1400 is silver, and once the arena ranks are reset everyone gets bronze, wich is 1300, if you win against someone with higher rank you will earn more points, more points meaning 12-15, and the lowest ones 5-10. If you win your first match (with the arena ranks reset, or just by starting to play pvp) you will get silver immediatly, since everyone your playing against are mostly silver. Tag matchs are different, since you have people with all different ranks.


Rank system goes from 1300-Bronze

1400 Silver

1600 Gold

1800 Plat

and i cant remember but diamond must be 2000

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It's actually 1350+ for Silver, 1900 for Plat and 2100 for Diamond.


There are two things that affect the normal 7-15 points you get for winning against lower-higher ranked opponents:


- After season reset, your ranking gets a "deciding" tag and all wins you manage during that phase give you very boosted rank up points. This is so that strong people do not hang around the lower ranks too long annoying everyone.

- If your character level is below 50, depending on how much below you will get smaller increments of rank changes. That means a lvl 25 player might need 20 matches to reach silver, a lvl 50 player can do it in 3-4 (or 1 after season reset). I think this is meant to protect low level players by keeping them longer in Bronze / low Silver so thay can learn with their reduced skill set against "bad" players.




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